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Hi friends, probably best not to use the search function/tags system right now. Plenty of unsavory things being posted in as many tags as possible. If you are sensitive to ogre and other inflammatory things, the safest thing is to stay on your dashboard where the only posts you see are from the people you already follow. Good luck and stay safe!

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Another year

Another week spent on the beach. It’s a different condo this time, but the same building we were in when all of this started.

Jaden and Nate had a three hour long talk last night. Apparently it ended awkwardly and Nate apologized to him this morning. Other than that it seems like Jaden is getting a little braver in his desire to talk to others externally more often.

Giselle has been quiet but peaceful during this vacation. She seems to be taking it all in. We bought some cool things at a store today and she really appreciates them for their color/texture. She’s very interested in different stimuli of the senses. Touch, sound, sight, she cares more about experiencing the small details of things around her.

Luke expressed some frustration in the way he feels the community sees him. He wants to correct it, but at the same time is to anxious to/also has too little interest in internet things.

Life goes on. Excited to be here. Excited for the rest of the vacation.

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Jaden is officially two today! 

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Steps for coping with Intrusive Thoughts

  • Label these thoughts as “intrusive obsessive thoughts.”
  • Remind yourself that these thoughts are automatic and you can safely ignore them.
  • Accept and allow the thoughts into your mind. Do not try to push them away.
  • Breathe…
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"We’re eye doctors."
"What’s something about the eye that most people don’t realize?"
"The eye doesn’t see. The brain sees. The eye just transmits. So what we see isn’t only determined by what comes through the eyes. What we see is affected by our memories, our feelings, and by what we’ve seen before."

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Everyone at once has decided they want a new hobby (except Jaden). Giselle and I are learning embroidery. Luke is learning to carve wood while Yoshimi is learning to sculpt—though she really wants to make pottery eventually. 

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The State of Tulpamancy


I realized that there are huge areas of tulpamancy that nobody talks about. There are a variety of reasons for this.

  1. There is often no defined jargon for these topics so they’re hard to explain consistently. We need to create specific terms so we can discuss advanced topics. (when creating new terms, please use simple or scientific terms. The community doesn’t need any more horrible terms with strange connotations like “tulpamancer”, or “forcing”.)
  2. A lot of hosts have consciously or unconsciously imposed artificial limits on what their tulpas can and cannot do. These may actually be beneficial, providing a more optimal framework for existence. They can sometimes be restrictive too. If possible, we need to find a set of optimal defaults which enable the best outcomes.
  3. Certain topics venture into the realm of philosophy and cognition. They’re still important to talk about, relevant, and applicable, they just border on esoteric.
  4. More research needs to be done. We need to find people with EEGs (Muse:video) willing to participate in experiments.

There are a number of mechanics, the details of which are minor in implementation, that make a large difference upon the separation of tulpa and host. Some of these mechanics are purposely restricted in tulpaforcing to enable a more distinct and differentiated tulpa.

For instance, it is possible to have a completely separate tulpa? A tulpa that has it’s own memories, it’s own perception, and can not feel the host’s feelings? A tulpa, that when in the wonderland, will be unable to hear or access the body’s senses? My intuition tells me it’s not possible to be completely isolated. There needs to be some level of sharing.

On the other extreme, a tulpa may share all memories with the host, may be able to perceive what the host is doing at every moment, and may be able to communicate interspacially. It’s possible to have a tulpa so ‘close’ to the host that they begin to merge.

Where is the optimal balance?

Here are some topics nobody is talking about:

  • Memory: Are all your memories accessible to your tulpa? Are your tulpa’s memories accessible to you? Based on current knowledge of memory storage, how and where are each person’s memories stored? How does the mind differentiate between who owns a particular memory?
  • Perception: Do tulpas monitor the body’s senses at all times? Is it possible? When do tulpas monitor the body’s senses? Can the host tell when this is happening? Can the host limit the senses tulpas have access to?
  • Interspace Communication: How does inter-space communication work? (e.g. wonderland to physical-space) Are there any restrictions?
  • Emotional Chemistry: Many feelings originate from actual chemical reactions in the body. How can these be separate for different people when they share the same body and same chemicals? Does this mean hosts are simulating their tulpas’ emotions? Does it mean that all people in a system will be confined to a similar emotional spectrum based on the body’s current chemical balance?
  • Drug Interactions: How do drugs (including alcohol and smoking) affect tulpas? Which drugs? (Note: this may lead to understanding which parts of the brain are shared and split)
  • Addiction: How do addictions affect tulpas? Does one person in a system getting addiction transfer the addiction to anyone else? Does it make it easier for someone else in the system to become addicted?
  • Energy Usage: Does maintaining tulpas consume more energy? How much? Does a tulpa need to sleep? Does a tulpa sleeping do the same things that sleep does for the body/original host?

There are many, many more important and untouched areas. Hopefully we can work together to discuss these complex topics and improve the world of tulpamancy.

Technical Tulpa Glossary
I have proposed below some more technical and specific terms for the tulpa community:

Either the physical waking world, or the wonderland. Each person can be imposed physically and/or mentally in one, or possibly both at the same time.
Optionally, imposed in the physical world, dreaming, and dormant/”in stasis” may also be spaces.

The entire mental consciousness of a single tulpa or a single host.

The physical body of the system in the real world. Originally inhabited by the host. Attached to it are all the senses available to perceive the outside world.
The senses include, Sight, Hearing, Taste, Smell, Touch, Balance (inner ear), Thermoception, Kinesthetic (Proprioception), Pain, and Internal Senses (organ stretch sensors, vasodilation, chemoreceptors).

The original mental consciousness which thoughtforms are created from. A Tulpa can be a host for other thoughtforms. The Original Host is the first mental consciousness inhabiting the body.

A sentient, sapient thoughtform possessing free will. A tulpa will usually have distinct personality traits from the host, and is usually afforded all the moral rights of a human. A tulpa may optionally have a visualized form, which can include, physical, auditory, and other sensory traits.

A mental construct. Often explained from either a psychological basis or a metaphysical basis. Examples of thoughtforms are Tulpas, Imaginary Friends, and Servitors. 

The totality of all hosts and thoughtforms living in a body. Borrowed from the multiplicity community.

I generally stay out of the tulpa community but I will respond to this post to give our feedback.

These are our own experiences and nothing more. 

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Just watch it.


please watch and share, this sort of innovation is paramount in our survival.  money needs to go here, very important.  much future.

In case anyone cannot watch the video for one reason or another(be it bad internet connection, location, or anxiety) I’ll describe it below—This is about replacing all roads, sidewalks, driveways, parking lots, etc. with solar panel roads. They’ve made prototypes now that can handle the traction and load requirements of roads—and the way they are put together makes repairs simple (replace one or two damaged panels vs. scraping up/filling in new concrete)

The solar panels not only end up paying for themselves, but power themselves—The solar panels are equipped with the ability to light up—Meaning never having to paint or repaint lanes, easy to reorganize parking lots to whatever works better, and even the ability to create cool multi use places to play—a single court can serve as a basketball court, or have hopscotch, etc. etc. These also can respond to pressure sensitivity—if a large tree branch falls on the road or an animal is crossing in the dark, the road will be able to warn you by illuminating the area. 

The panels also have the ability to be heated a few degrees above freezing—Meaning no more ice on the roads, no more salt, and the ability to ride bikes and motorcycles in the winter! The design of the roads allows rain water and melted snow to collect in a drain that sends the water to quickly be processed into clean water. 

If we were to theoretically replace all roads alone with this technology we would be able to power 3 times as much energy as we currently USE in the US.

The process uses a LOT of recycled materials too, which is just excellent on top of all of this. 

Seriously SPREAD THIS LIKE WILDFIRE!! This is SO Important! 

The video is also pretty funny, and this is definitely really cool/important!

And I want to have tron roads

Off topic from the usual posts, but sharing anyway

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Last night was full of interesting revelations. Nate and I are still trying to figure out how to word the next post we make. But, uh, interesting update soon?

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Just a PSA about asks

Giselle has anon asks disabled after receiving some more nasty anon hate. I realize not every anonymous message is made with ill intent. This blog is always read by me or Nate first, so if anyone does have questions for Giselle but don’t want to reveal their username, you can send me the anon message. I’ll save it for her to respond to, and she will reblog her answer back to her main blog.